Smooth Cruzin E-Bike Rental is another excellent way to travel Along the Wild Atlantic Way. Living in such a beautiful area as Louisburgh Mayo. My family and I are very fortunate to jump in the car and drive to the numerous beaches and hills in the area. We often go for a Sunday drive through the wild and untamed splendour of Doolough Valley.

Image Smooth Cruzin, Doolough Valley

In recent years cycling has become very popular in Ireland. Because of this abandoned railway line, cycle lanes and routes have been transformed into bike hubs. Westport’s greenway, while strenuous, is very popular and brings you to Achill Island. Castlebar has its own cycleway, suitable for those looking for a more relaxing cycle finishing up on the Stunning grounds of Turlough House.

There has been a push to bring a Greenway from Murrisk to Louisburgh, but it may take another few years for this venture to become a reality.


Image Smooth Cruzin

This didn’t stop Wendy and Miriam from taking the initiative and setting up their own Bike hire business. Located in the centre of Louisburgh town, Smooth Cruzin caters to those who would like to socialize in the fresh air and without the hardship of everyday cycling.https://www.smoothcruzin.ie/

How did it come about?

While living on the West Coast in Vancouver, Canada, Miriam and Wendy were introduced to “Bike Cruzin” People meet up and cycle socially together. I understand this entirely as my brother lives in Vancouver and is a big biking fan. Outdoors pursuits, especially Biking, are prevalent in both Canada and America.

Smooth Cruzin Shop Louisburgh Town

When the Pandemic hit the world over two years ago, Miriam and Wendy headed back to Ireland and, in March 2022, opened their door “Smooth Cruzin”. These two ladies have developed their own version with “Social Sessions”, using the local scenic spots to stop for a snack while spending quality time with your family or friends.

Why travel via an E-Bike?

Smooth Cruzin E-Bike

The electric bikes were designed for the 35s and over group. I appreciate this sentiment as a 40 plus woman. I don’t want to bike around the village struggling up steep roads with a red face. I have a treadmill at home that does all that. I want something reliable, easy to ride and travel sustainably. As a holiday rental provider, it’s vital to have E-bikes services. Our guests with different fitness and experience can now travel together, making cycling accessible and fun. Holidaymakers can park their cars for a few hours and enjoy sightseeing in a greener way.

Our Social Session Part 1

Me checking out the E-bikes

More recently, my daughter was invited to participate in The social sessions that run for 2:5 hours. As I’ve mentioned before, we usually walk or drive to scenic areas around Louisburgh. Louisburgh is beautiful, but it’s very hilly, and our family much prefer driving to cycling.

Mullagh road, Louisburgh Mayo

We booked into the 6pm evening Social Session last Sunday. The weather was beautiful and sunny. We were met by Miriam, who gave us the low down on each bike and how they are operated. We then did a short training session. This is a brilliant idea because you take the bikes to the car park and get a feel for cycling. You learn how to operate the Ebike’s under Miriam’s or Wendy’s supervision. My Daughter and I hadn’t been on a bike for a while. We were nervous, but there was nothing for us to worry about. Miriam showed us the most popular routes.https://www.smoothcruzin.ie/

Me in training

We choose the countryside route better know a route 3 loop. We choose this route because it’s more inland with stunning countryside views. In the distance is Croagh Patrick and Sheeffry Mountains.


Sheep in Ballyhip Louisburgh Mayo


Our social session part 2


The bog, freshly cut hopper turf

. This time of year, turf cutting has already begun. At Laughta we saw newly cut “Hopper Turf” glistening beside the bog cotton and heather. Hopper Turf is created by the Hopper machine. This style of turf cutting is very popular because the hopper machine can dispense the turf anywhere.

Bog Cotton, Laughta Louisburgh Mayo

Along with the slender roads are a combination of banks and whitethorn hedges, these form practical barriers. Beneath the borders contains a wealth of wild native flowers such as buttercups and fox gloves. We stopped while listening and watching the bees tuck into the nectar-rich flowers. The smell of new-mown hay mixed with the sweet-scented flowers transported me back to my youth.

Wild Flowers, Fox Gloves & Buttercups

My daughter and I agreed that we’d miss all these sensory stimulators if we were driving. We spotted a sign for Louisburgh and headed back. The journey back was bliss; neither of us had built up a sweat. We came across an extended range of farm buildings along with another narrow road housing sheep and cattle. We spotted spring lambs jumping and racing each other across the green meadows in nearby fields.

Farm buildings along the road



Cows grazing along Mullagh road

I’d highly recommend venturing out with smooth Cruzin E-bikes. They are so easy to operate, and we literally cruised around the countryside. Neither of us was perspiring at the end of our cycle cruise. This is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family. We highly recommend and hope to be back with extended members of our families.   Miriam and Wendy are great, and we wish them the best with their new business. https://www.smoothcruzin.ie/

There are many activities available around the Louisburgh area. Check out these activities and tourshttps://devlinfarmlife.com/5-activities-to-try-in-louisburgh/

E-Bike along The Wild Atlantic Way Louisburgh

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